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Welcome to The “Power of Student Data” Blog by LifeTrack Services

Graduates in Cap and Gown

As September approaches and summer fades into the cooler months of fall, wherever we are in life, we are always reminded that it is time for the majority of students to head back to school. Teachers prepare their curriculum, while this years’ seniors settle into their last year of High School.  Last years’ seniors have graduated and are on to another stepping stone on their journey to success and adulthood.  What really happens in the lives of all of these seniors after they graduate?  Do they go on to fulfill their dreams of college and a successful career?  Were they well prepared?  Do they think they were well prepared?  How can the accurate reporting of this data help schools in their quest to educate students to the best of their ability and to prepare them for life after HIgh School.

At LifeTrack, we deliver this data in a manner that no one else does.  We find out where your seniors are, in their paths to success, up to five years after graduation.  In this blog, we plan to look at everything from examples of how schools, armed with this data, have used it to improve curriculum and teaching practices to the thoughts and comments from actual graduates and their experiences.  Stay tuned for more posts as we explore The Power of Student Data……….