Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

Graduate Follow-up Programs Popular Among CTE Schools

student girl in graduation cap with diplomaCareer and Technical Education (CTE) or vocational schools have blossomed since the initial establishment of trade or apprentice schools of the past.   In today’s education world,  one can attend a CTE School for everything from Automotive Repair and Maintenance to Marine Biology.  Many students, after completing their CTE school, then transfer their credits earned to colleges of their choice and continue on with higher education.   Still the same questions beckon, which students will thrive in a hands-on environment?  Will students graduating from your school end up in the vocation you have trained them for?  How many went on to other colleges?

At LifeTrack Services, Inc., an increasing amount of CTE Schools have added Student Exit Surveys, as well as LifeTrack’s full Graduate Survey System, which includes follow-up results and reports on students for up to 5 years.   It makes sense that these types of schools would be interested in seeing whether the students they turn out in the real world end up in the vocation that they have trained for, and whether or not they stick with it.

For more information on survey programs for CTE Schools, please visit Graduate-Surveys.com or call LifeTrack Services, Inc. at 800-738-6466.