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LifeTrack Surveys Provide Great Feedback and Fulfill Title IX Requirements for Aurora, Illinois Schools

At LifeTrack Services, Inc., we value each and every one of our schools that we work with.  One such school district is located in Aurora, Illinois where an Athletic Director for West Aurora High School shares his comments about using  LifeTrack Surveys for their Athletics and Title IX requirements.

“LifeTrack Services surveys have been very instrumental in providing excellent feedback for our Athletic Programs. The questions asked of our athletes provided us opportunities to work with our coaches to identify areas of future focus within each program. In addition, we were able to address some facility concerns that were raised that may have otherwise flown under the radar.

The best part of the process was the simplicity. For our Athlete Satisfaction survey we took no more than ten minutes at the beginning of a practice toward the end of the season for every team. Once we had all of the surveys completed, they were sent to LifeTrack, who turned around with a nicely presented statistical breakdown of all the data from each question. The coaches loved the idea of getting great feedback without losing valuable practice time. While these surveys were not used in an evaluative mode, they did provide some discussion points during the evaluation meetings.

In addition, we also utilized the Title IX surveys for our high school and four middle schools. We surveyed random students at the high school and all eighth graders at the middle schools. These were utilized much in the same fashion, taking approximately ten minutes out of a study hall to survey, then sending them out to be scored. Results were back within two weeks in electronic form, as well as in a bound booklet.

I whole-heartedly appreciate the work that Larry and his staff has done to provide such vital information for our high school to improve what we do and how we do it. ”

Jason Buckley

Athletic Director
West Aurora High School

LifeTrack Hits the Road with Graduate Exit Surveys for Schools

MO MSBA LifeTrack Booth smallFall school superintendent and principal conferences are in full swing this year. With 39 shows on the calendar, LifeTrack Services is scheduled to attend even more shows than the 2012 season.  From New York to California, attendees will be able to browse LifeTrack Services exhibit with information on all products and services including Middle School Surveys, School Snapshot Surveys, Athletic Surveys and the most popular Graduate Exit Survey program.   There are some great themes this year, Montana’s Conference is titled “Innovation and Choices in our Public Schools”, while New York’s NSSBA kicks off its 94th Annual Convention and Expo titled “The Power of Education”  later this month.    All in all, a great season and a chance to get that personal contact with potential customers and say hello to current customers in the area as clarified by Larry Ledgerwood, President of LifeTrack Services.

“We attend many trade shows and conferences each year.  They continue to carry on the importance of Face to Face conversations with customers about how the program is working for them while creating general awareness and other vendor contacts that might help to spread the word about LifeTrack.”

You can follow LifeTrack on the road at https://www.facebook.com/LifeTrackServicesInc
Also check out http://graduate-surveys.com/

Why Survey Your Students in 2014?

As the warm days of August fade into September, many of us, regardless of our age, are reminded that for 12 to 20 years of our lives we headed back to school during this time of year.   For High Schools across America, new students come to class, and graduates head out into the “real world.” The question is, how prepared are they?  The even bigger question is, how prepared will they think they were five years from now?  All of the money and time spent in altering curriculum, designing classroom structure and scheduling all to prepare students for their next step in life is great.  But, how well is it working?  Senior exit surveys are incredibly helpful in providing a benchmark of how your grads feel about where they are now, their plans and thoughts about how they intend to use their high school education and where they would like to be five years from now.  Graduate surveys that measure a students thoughts, not only as an exiting senior, but also at six months after graduation and at five years after graduation can give educators and school administration a good look at whether or not their curriculum and programs are working. How prepared were your students when they entered college or the working world and how have their views changed since graduation?  Imagine what just 10 years of data from your graduates could tell you about your efforts to send them into the world with the tools they need to be successful?  As schools start their new year, now is the time to get survey programs started and in the budget for 2014 grads. It’s time to start tracking those students you have given a strong start on their paths to success.    

Welcome to The “Power of Student Data” Blog by LifeTrack Services

Graduates in Cap and Gown

As September approaches and summer fades into the cooler months of fall, wherever we are in life, we are always reminded that it is time for the majority of students to head back to school. Teachers prepare their curriculum, while this years’ seniors settle into their last year of High School.  Last years’ seniors have graduated and are on to another stepping stone on their journey to success and adulthood.  What really happens in the lives of all of these seniors after they graduate?  Do they go on to fulfill their dreams of college and a successful career?  Were they well prepared?  Do they think they were well prepared?  How can the accurate reporting of this data help schools in their quest to educate students to the best of their ability and to prepare them for life after HIgh School.

At LifeTrack, we deliver this data in a manner that no one else does.  We find out where your seniors are, in their paths to success, up to five years after graduation.  In this blog, we plan to look at everything from examples of how schools, armed with this data, have used it to improve curriculum and teaching practices to the thoughts and comments from actual graduates and their experiences.  Stay tuned for more posts as we explore The Power of Student Data……….